Benefits of OKRs

OKRs allow you to set and communicate the most important goals in your organization in an organized, focused, and transparent manner. OKRs are especially good if your team is growing, your old methods just aren’t cutting it anymore, or you’re having an issue with reaching goals and with productivity. No matter your starting point, the main benefit of using OKRs is a unified company where everyone knows exactly what they need to get done and they feel motivated to do it.

Here are some of the benefits of OKRs:

Know What’s Happening

OKRs provide insight into what’s happening right now in your team or company and help you track company activities and report on progress. They bring your goals to the forefront and provide increased visibility.

Focus on What Matters

With OKRs, everyone can be aware of what needs to be accomplished each week and quarter. You can keep aspirational company and team goals in focus so everyone can plan their week with the company vision in mind and stay on track.

Engage and Inspire

With clear priorities to focus on everyone will be more engaged and feel that their work matters. You will see a more productive company with employees who take initiative in their work!

Make Informed Decisions

OKRs allow you to be more data-driven and make informed decisions. By assessing the progress of your goals, you can monitor if you go off course and take initiative before any problems arise.

Align and Organize

OKRs help you stay more organized, focused, and aligned. By basing initiatives on higher company and team level goals, everyone’s work will be more focused and drive the company forward.

While using OKRs on a spreadsheet or documents provides these benefits, using special OKR software can provide even more benefits. It automates the process and provides additional features, which provides increased visibility and engagement that spreadsheets often lack.