Choosing OKR Software

Choosing the best OKR software can be quite a challenge, but we’ve compiled a list of things to look for when deciding on which OKR software to use.

  1. Look for more than just an OKR software

OKRs are a great tool for managing your goals, but quite often people run into the habit of setting OKRs and forgetting them. It is important to find a tool that engages your team and company to continuously review their goals. It’s important to look for tools that have a way to keep track of initiatives and plans and ideally have a Weekly Planning component. Weekdone is a good example of a software that incorporates both aspects. This way you can see improvements towards your long term goals and your day to day.

  1. Support and Onboarding

OKRs can be difficult to adjust to. They are a different approach to setting goals than most companies are used to. It is often expected to take up to two to four months to get the hang of them and a lot of mistakes can happen during this period. It is important to choose a software with a proactive onboarding process that will help you get started and guide you during the learning process. A good onboarding plan will introduce you to OKRs, explain how they work in the platform, and provide consultations quarterly to look at your objectives.

  1. Discussing with your team

While you may have a lot of ideas on what software might work best for your company, your team will likely have some opinions. Their opinion is especially important for testing out new processes and products as they will be the ones using it. It’s already a good idea to involve your team in the decision making process once you start testing the product.

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