OKR Best Practices and Tips

  1. Use OKR Examples to help you define your OKRs.
  • OKRexamples.co has hundreds of examples of OKRs for different teams.
  1. Review your OKRs with your company.
  • Hold a team or company meeting to set and review OKRs.
  • It may be helpful to review them with an OKR expert.
  1. Communicate your Key Result progress so everyone is updated.
  • It is best to elaborate on what moved progress forward
  • Online OKR tools make this even easier
  1. Use Weekly Planning along with OKRs
  • Align your weekly activities to your Objectives to create a list of tasks that have gone into accomplishing a given goal.
  1. Align your Objectives.
  • Think of how your Objectives are related from the company to personal levels

A software with an OKR Hierarchy view lets you see all your goals and how they connect in an easy to view format.