OKR Case Studies


BMAT, a music monitoring company, had been using OKRs since 2015. Their initial search for a solution began when their company started to grow in size. They felt they were beginning to lose focus on their goals, so they began to look for a better way to manage their quarterly goals and align their weekly activities.

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Humanitec helps NGOs by building software tools which collect data for their daily operations, analyze it intuitively, and report it efficiently. They implemented OKR methodology as a means to move their company forward as a larger whole. Now, OKR training has become a standard cycle on their onboarding process.

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Deverus is yet another company that has successfully implemented OKRs. Deverus automates the screening process for background check companies, human resources, and candidates. They needed a tool that would provide more transparency and efficiency, or as the CEO, Shawn Rucks put it: “I knew that people were working hard, but I didn’t know what they were working on”.

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You can look at more case studies of companies who use OKRs from okrcasestudies.com