OKR Examples

There are plenty of OKR examples at okrexamples.co to help you get started. These will help you on how to write OKRs like a true pro and how to set good Objectives with measurable Key Results.

Example Company OKRs
  • Achieve record revenues while increasing profitability
    • Increase Q revenues from 80000 to 100000
    • Expand into 2 new countries with an official launch
    • Increase gross margin  from 54% to 63%
  • Finish raising new capital for our growth needs
    • Email and phone outreach to schedule 25 meetings with VCs and seed funds
    • Secure 10 second follow-up meetings with VCs
    • Close an investment round with the minimum of $10 million pre-money valuation
Example Product OKRs
  • Successfully launch version 3 of our main product
    • Get over 10000 new signups
    • Get published product reviews in over 15 publications
    • Achieve sign-up to trial ratio of over 25%
  • Maximize customer happiness with closed support tickets
    • Reduce close time from 60 mins to 20 mins
    • Re-opened rate reduce from 10% to 3%
    • Increase good or great ratings from 50% to 70%
Example Marketing OKRs
  • Successfully implement the weekly newsletter
    •  Grow subscriber base at least 5% per each quarter
    •  Increase the CTR% to above industry average of 3.5%
  • Activate user-testing
    • Conduct at least 4 face to face testing sessions per quarter
    • Review 15 video interviews from Usertesting.com and generate ad list top 5 positive and 5 negative observations
Example Sales OKR
  • Increase Q2 recurring revenues
    • Increase average subscription size by $500 dollars per month from $1000 to $1500 through upgrades
    • Increase the share of monthly subscriptions vs one-time contracts sold to 85%
    • Increase annual renewals by 50%
  • Increase the quality of our sales approach
    • Achieve 25% new-sign ups spoken to, by calling within the first 24 hours
    • Have all salespeople listen in to at least 10 product demos of other team members
Example HR OKRs
  • Improve internal employee engagement
    • Conduct 3 monthly “Fun Friday” all-hands meetings with an external motivational speaker
    • Start using OKR in all 10 teams and 5 departments
    • Conduct face to face interviews with 48 employees on their needs and document top 5 improvements we can make
  • Define and promote company culture and values
    • Survey employees on our current values and receive 75 answers
    • Decide on 3 top ideas for implementation based on  brainstorm sessions with different teams 
    • Promote positive office environment for potential highers by updating and distributing 3 job ads online