OKRs and Weekly Planning

Weekly Planning is a method of tracking the weekly activities of your company. It is an important, but often understated part of the OKR Process. Alongside Objectives and Key Results you also need to keep your weekly plans or initiatives in mind, and think about how what you do each week contributes to your larger goals.

By running Weekly Planning alongside OKRs, you can instantly understand what high-level plans are achieved each week and see how they relate to your company’s long term goals. It serves as a replacement for weekly stand-up meetings with quick and simple check-ins. This lets you know what plans were assigned at the beginning of the week, and what was accomplished at the week’s end.

Weekly Planning lets your team focus on the most important tasks while keeping your long term goals in mind. The success of Objectives increases when Weekly Planning is actively used since people will review and update their OKRs more frequently.

Weekly Planning only takes about 10 minutes during the beginning of the week and 10 more at the end to implement. When you first set your OKRs be sure to think of what related initiatives and tasks you need to work on and write them out.

As a rule, try to set between 3-7 plans you need to accomplish every week while keeping your Objectives in mind. As you complete these items, you can share them with your team and update your OKR progress.

It is also an excellent idea to hold a weekly meeting to see where any problems occurred during the week and what you can do next week to fix them. With Weekly Planning, you can get an instant status overview of all the weekly activities planned for your team and quickly identify if any problems occur. Going through the status report during weekly stand-up meetings is also a common way to keep your meetings short and focused on the most important things so you don’t waste any time.

It is important to use OKR software that incorporates Weekly Planning into its flow in order to see the most long-term success with OKR. Weekdone is one such system that was designed with both aspects in mind, making OKRs more accessible to both managers and employees.